Friday, 3 September 2010

I'm too lazy to do professional sewing, but I have no problem looking at it.. especially when it's so PRETTY

Eight days?!? Wow that's a new low.. But basically my friend was getting annoyed with the way you click on my laptop, so I tried to change it .. and ended up disabling the clicking all together. So yeah, I'm a genius but finally (thanks to my dad) I can finally click.
My brothers have been obsessed with The Wire for ages so I can't believe that it's only now that I've realized how AMAZING it is. It's like The Bill, but better, and more realistic.
The Wire isn't new, I think it was on TV in 2002 but that's probably wrong. It's a Police drama kind of thing and it follows the police but also a system of drug dealers that they are trying to catch. So basically, watch it- it's sooo good (and SO addictgve).
But Valentino and Alexander Wang. To love or not to love- that's the real question here. I think I love Alexander Wang and don't love Valentino but I do love Valentino.. I'm so confused.
I really like these, which are Alexander Wang, especially the white shorts (The ones in the first picture on the second row) and the brown/red ones in the last picture. I really need some shorts like that! I am going to make some but I only have african print material at the moment, no plain material. But I could make them out of that.. hmm I'll just make two pairs. Anyway, the colours really work with the simple yet detailed designs, and the socks and shoes. Oh I love the socks and shoes!

These are Valentino, which I will admit I like less and there are some pieces in the rest of this collection that I won't even pretend to like, but there are four things that I love here (one per picture) :
Picture one- The simple peasant style of the bows down the front, Picture two- The bow, Picture three- The lace, and Picture four- The cage! If I had a cage like that... well my life would be complete.

A few days ago I began the journey of a lifetime... TAILORING. I'm making a proper tailored coat with lining and interfacing and everything, and yes I am using a pattern (a vogue one actually) which I usually wouldn't go near because really what's the point in making your own clothes if they are someone else's designs?? Unfortunately, I'm not that good so I was forced to buy a pattern in order to make my overcoat. It's not finished yet but I've made all of it so all that I need to do now is.. hand sewing. Yes, the worst bit. I'm just too lazy to do it.. I'll put up a picture when it's finished because it looks scarily like a dressing gown at the moment.


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