Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Christopher Kane and other unrelated topics

Oh dear four days since my last post.. I really have got to get more organized.
I'm a bit late because the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm ended a few days ago but I couldn't post then so I'll talk about it now instead.
Ah but first, I just remembered that I wanted to talk about Christopher Kane!

There are so many more that I love, but I can't put them all on so this is my favorite twelve out of Christopher Kane's recent collection. I know I'll probably be saying this about every collection I see but.. I WANT THESE, all of them. Kane just takes clothes to a new level, like cosmic print with pink furry shoes? You wouldn't think it would work but it really does. Really Really does. In fact I may have to buy those shoes.. they might not work as well with other things though.. hmm. Maybe I'll just have to buy all the clothes too, yes I don't think I have a choice.
I especially love the second last picture, but I don't think I can make favorites, they're all too nice already
I am however really loving the leather lingerie thing in the first picture on the last line, I have a thing like that but mine's flowery so not as edgy, I made a matching skirt to go with it, here it is,
One quick outfit post:
hmm not the clearest pictures.. it's too sunny today (I never thought I would say That)
Top and skirt- made by me, Socks- American Apparel, Shoes- Russel and Bromley, Coat- Notting Hill Exchange.
Ok so now (finally) Fashion Week:

I am a little bit disappointed with fashion week. Don't get me wrong, it's a success and it was great and all but well I'm not the biggest fan of some of the designers that were there. I feel so mean but that's just how I feel ! :)
I would have liked to do a bit about Duong but I will just have to try and remember to do that when I get home from having pizza with my brother and mum (We're going to the best place EVER, I forget what it's called becuase I refer to it simply as 'the pizza place') but anyway I will try and remember to do that post but I may forget because I am printing my own fabric at the moment so Duong might have to wait until tomorrow.

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