Sunday, 22 August 2010

Take me back to the 30's

Why did we ever stop wearing 30's-50's clothes? I know that I can certainly feel myself being drawn to this  era of fashion rather than my own.
   The New Look, or Ligne Corolle, by Dior was started in 1947 and was based on the idea of workmanship and tailored clothes. Dior saw himself as a ‘fighter against mediocrity and the loss of high principles’. The New Look was keen on the idea of fitting clothes to the individual body, and so all clothes were tailored to each customer and a lot more care was put into the clothes than nowadays and although they would be more expensive and labour intensive because you couldn’t mass produce it and the materials were more expensive and better quality, they would also last forever and there was obviously a huge amount of pleasure found in wearing them.
   Nowadays, most (or at least a lot of people) wear plain and unexciting clothes, whereas in the 1930’s-50’s, you would expect to see most women in beautifully shaped dresses and men in smart suits. The dresses commonly worn in those days would make any girl look brilliant, no matter how pretty she was but clothes nowadays can not only give no contribution to you looks, but in some cases even make them worse.
   Ginger Rogers in a great example of real style, if you haven't seen her in any of the Fred and Ginger films, I suggest you do because the outfits are amazing and so is the dancing!
Even the hair styles were nicer, I've seen this one mimicked but it never looks as good
Christian Dior, The New Look

Dior, the New Look, 1947
(look at her waist- HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?)

 Some of which inspired me to wear ....

            Trousers - American Apparel, Top - made my me, Pink slip/dress - Emmaus


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