Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Christopher Kane and other unrelated topics

Oh dear four days since my last post.. I really have got to get more organized.
I'm a bit late because the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm ended a few days ago but I couldn't post then so I'll talk about it now instead.
Ah but first, I just remembered that I wanted to talk about Christopher Kane!

There are so many more that I love, but I can't put them all on so this is my favorite twelve out of Christopher Kane's recent collection. I know I'll probably be saying this about every collection I see but.. I WANT THESE, all of them. Kane just takes clothes to a new level, like cosmic print with pink furry shoes? You wouldn't think it would work but it really does. Really Really does. In fact I may have to buy those shoes.. they might not work as well with other things though.. hmm. Maybe I'll just have to buy all the clothes too, yes I don't think I have a choice.
I especially love the second last picture, but I don't think I can make favorites, they're all too nice already
I am however really loving the leather lingerie thing in the first picture on the last line, I have a thing like that but mine's flowery so not as edgy, I made a matching skirt to go with it, here it is,
One quick outfit post:
hmm not the clearest pictures.. it's too sunny today (I never thought I would say That)
Top and skirt- made by me, Socks- American Apparel, Shoes- Russel and Bromley, Coat- Notting Hill Exchange.
Ok so now (finally) Fashion Week:

I am a little bit disappointed with fashion week. Don't get me wrong, it's a success and it was great and all but well I'm not the biggest fan of some of the designers that were there. I feel so mean but that's just how I feel ! :)
I would have liked to do a bit about Duong but I will just have to try and remember to do that when I get home from having pizza with my brother and mum (We're going to the best place EVER, I forget what it's called becuase I refer to it simply as 'the pizza place') but anyway I will try and remember to do that post but I may forget because I am printing my own fabric at the moment so Duong might have to wait until tomorrow.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Take me back to the 30's

Why did we ever stop wearing 30's-50's clothes? I know that I can certainly feel myself being drawn to this  era of fashion rather than my own.
   The New Look, or Ligne Corolle, by Dior was started in 1947 and was based on the idea of workmanship and tailored clothes. Dior saw himself as a ‘fighter against mediocrity and the loss of high principles’. The New Look was keen on the idea of fitting clothes to the individual body, and so all clothes were tailored to each customer and a lot more care was put into the clothes than nowadays and although they would be more expensive and labour intensive because you couldn’t mass produce it and the materials were more expensive and better quality, they would also last forever and there was obviously a huge amount of pleasure found in wearing them.
   Nowadays, most (or at least a lot of people) wear plain and unexciting clothes, whereas in the 1930’s-50’s, you would expect to see most women in beautifully shaped dresses and men in smart suits. The dresses commonly worn in those days would make any girl look brilliant, no matter how pretty she was but clothes nowadays can not only give no contribution to you looks, but in some cases even make them worse.
   Ginger Rogers in a great example of real style, if you haven't seen her in any of the Fred and Ginger films, I suggest you do because the outfits are amazing and so is the dancing!
Even the hair styles were nicer, I've seen this one mimicked but it never looks as good
Christian Dior, The New Look

Dior, the New Look, 1947
(look at her waist- HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?)

 Some of which inspired me to wear ....

            Trousers - American Apparel, Top - made my me, Pink slip/dress - Emmaus

Saturday, 21 August 2010

My new favorite colour is Sand

The only way to describe Nakkna's show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm is well, Amazing. It was one of those shows that when you watch them, you just think Wow.
   I honestly did love every thing they sent out, even the men's clothes which usually don't impress me as much as the women's from most designers, but although they certainly weren't as imaginative, they did have a certain something about them that made them add to the show. 
   The array of sandy tones, which throughout the show gradually became grey, then a brilliant black and white space pattern, were lovely and really everything about the line was very original.  
   I especially love the sandy smokey stuff flying around the models and the way that they are invisible until they reach the front. The sand adds to the effect of the simple yet complicated designs of the clothes by creating a backdrop that mirrors the theme and feeling of the clothes. 
   Although there are unusual details in many of the pieces on the runway here, they always manage to stay comfortably in between simple everyday clothes and crazy runway clothes. Nakkna is fast becoming one of my favorite designers due to their individual and exciting designs, and it's times like these that i really really wish that I could afford designer clothes! I would start saving but I don't think I would ever get there because my mum still hasn't started an allowance (and probably never will, knowing her)
For the full catwalk show go to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm website, I couldn't put it on the blog because it's about ten minutes and so it takes SO long to upload.
And sorry about the weird way in which the pictures are arranged, I don't know how to make it look better !

Finally a model that isn't ridiculously thin! 

(No copyright intended on the photos, I'm not 100% sure if this is commercial use or not so i thought I had better put this on to be safe.)