Wednesday, 18 August 2010

They'll walk all over me - and my carpet coat

It's almost cold enough to wear a coat... At last! Yes, I love the heat like any normal person but there is one little coat that makes me prefer the cold. Heat limits what you can wear soo much, I envy the people who can dress amazingly any weather because unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Coat- Mark and Syrie (But I got it from the Notting Hill exchange shop.) Trousers- American Apparel.

It looks a bit like fur to me, but it's not, it's lots and lots of tiny threads making up a picture- like a carpet.  I wore this coat loads last winter, then forgot about it and I just found it hiding in my wardrobe. The Only bad thing about it is that it's just so warm, so it practically has to be snowing for you not to boil in it. This weather really is getting on my nerves, one minute you're happy and tight-less, and the next, you're getting out your warm jumpers! But then what else can you expect, it is London after all.

But oh how I love my carpet coat..

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  1. these coats were actually made from carpets.
    from the mark and syrie autumn/winter collection 1985. mark and syrie are featured in the book street style from the same year - interesting book and worth picking up if you are interested in fashion.