Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I must be dreaming.. a room full of shoes?

I might as well just die now and go to heaven. A room, FULL of shoes. Thank you Selfridges..
The new shoe department is going to be one room, bigger than the ground floor of the Tate Modern, which is pretty much the one thing life up until now has been missing. And it's opening in september! (it's september now. o.m.g.) 
The new department is going to have a huge range of designer labels, and TEN brand boutiques. 

Not only this, but there is currently an exhibition at Selfridges hosting four decades of Vivienne Westwood shoes. Ok, it's settled.. I love you Selfridges. 
But get there quick because the exhibition ends on the 22nd of September and that's only.. 15 days! That might not be right actually, my maths is slightly dodgy. But the point is, there's less than a month left!

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