Thursday, 9 September 2010

Westwood is in the hooouuusse

I went to the Vivienne Westwood exhibition in Selfridges today and it was Fantastic, she's totally mad but her shoes wouldn't be the same if she wasn't. I think you really need to be a bit mad to create such amazing shoes. I couldn't just put on a few pictures, I had to put loads on! This is actually less than I took though, I took 45 photos. Every shoes I walked past made me go ooh aaah. 
     There was also a video in the exhibiton of one of her runway shows which was really good, a toy cat was thrown at her! I think I'm going to have to go ginger when I get old.. It really is a good look.  
     Forty years of making incredible shoes (and clothes) really is very impressive and to be 70 something (?) and still going strong is even better! Just by looking at these photos I took you can see how fearless Vivienne Westwood has and is with her designs, she has made everything! Tall shoes, short shoes, snake skin ones, shiny ones, plastic ones, wooden ones, kid's ones, winged ones, well the list would go on forever but you get the point. 

This is when Naomi Campbell fell over on the runway in some ENORMOUS Vivienne Westwood shoes. I'm not surprised though, they're SO big.
     And in a post a few days ago, I mentioned the new shoe department in Selfridges. I popped in today whilst I was looking at Vivienne Westwood and it's already pretty big but there's much more to come, I'm so excited! I wanted to take some pictures but they didn't let me, so this will have to do.

... Just one week until it's finished ...


  1. I love love love Vivienne Westwood.
    Shes just too fabulous.
    Was it in New York?

  2. Yeah she's brilliant :) No it was in the Selfridges on Oxford Street