Saturday, 18 September 2010


I've just discovered a really good market in East Dulwich every Saturday from some time in the morning to about five, it's got great vintage clothes and some jewelry too. (I don't know how to spell jewelry..) Lots of things are changing at my house- first and foremost being that my brother moved out today! Sad times.. but he's so close so not much will change, hopefully. My bathroom is also being redone which is very exciting because I've had to try and live with bright orange tiles since I moved here, which hasn't been fun- believe me. Also, my brother's ex-room is being turned into a TV room, and to go in that, we're getting a NEW TV! No longer will I have to suffer in front of a ginormous chunky telly, it's flat screen from here on out.
     I also got a dressmaker's dummy, finally. I've been looking for one for a while now and my mum had finally agreed to buy me one from John Lewis about a week ago, but that wouldn't be until Christmas. So while we were in East Dulwich, trying desperately to find some birthday presents for two of my friends, we stumbled across a vintage dressmaker's dummy! I, like any normal person, love the old fashioned ones but they are often not adjustable and so they never really seem to fit me but this one is adjustable! I'm thinking about covering it in some flowery material like they have done at Liberties (unfortunately there's comes with a £1,995 price tag..)
Wait, what's that on the dummy? Oh yeah. That's just the coat I'm making.. I don't think I could have said that in a more smug way, but for once I am entitled to a bit of smugness! It's not quite finished yet, which is so annoying because it would have been finished weeks ago if I didn't have friends to distract me.. damn friends. It's almost finished though, there's only the hem at the bottom to do, and I need to shorten it a bit too because it's reeaalllyy long at the moment. The photos aren't very good because it's night time and so there's not much natural light and camera's always make everything yellow at night.. well they do for me anyway.
     I didn't go to fashion week, but I'll definitely be at a fashion show soon.. It's just something I Have to do.


  1. I ordered a dummy a week ago, and it came, It's amazing! I've already planned the first dress I'm going to make, first I need to learn to sew properly. Do you work from a pattern?

  2. Ooh what's yours like? I don't like working from patterns, feels like I'm cheating :) but that coat is the only thing I've used a pattern for, I'm definitely not good enough to make that on my own! If you are just starting a pattern would probably help though, or you can make patterns yourself by drawing round a skirt or top that you already have :)

  3. Oh, what a pretty dummy! It makes me think all vintage...and steampunk. Yeah. Another story.

    And yayy a coat? How awesome? It looks great, I really like the fabric inside (I think it's called lining? My clothing related english is quite limited).