Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Red and Yellow and Pink and Blue..

Lately I've gotten really into matching colours, I seem to be wearing my mood most days. 

I am wearing.. 
Vintage Top- Emaus, Vinatge Skirt- Notting Hill Exchange

Shirt- Fischer's (But from a second hand shop)
Dress- made by me

I've just wandered across the best pair of shoes whilst looking at another blog. They're Acne Atacomas and I LOVE them. Why does Acne have to be so expensive?? The sole bit looks white in the picture, but it's actually silver metal. 

But there might be a bit of hope, they are ussually £410, but I've seen somewhere that they are on SALE at £249. But even then they're a bit above my price range.. Hint Hint to anyone who works at acne..


  1. I love the first outfit, where did you learn to sew?
    I've been lusting after those Atacomas for months,

  2. Jeffery Campbell has created some similar versions (+ they're alot cheaper than the atacomas) ...

    But the original atacomas are sold out basically everywhere :( so they're really hard to get ahold of...
    I spotted an authentic pair on ebay today which are a size 6.5, but if that's not your size then maybe check back every so often to see if another pair comes up?

    Hope that helps :)

  3. Camilla, I kind of taught myself to sew but learnt the basics in school, i might just have to buy some atacomas they're just too nice :)

    That's a big help thank you Spence !

  4. I take my photos in my drive way ahah :)

  5. Wow you've got such a nice drive way ! :)