Thursday, 23 September 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow is Prada

I wouldn't expect me to like this ad campaign, but I actually think the plastic-ness of the whole thing is really nice. I especially like the see through shoes at about halfway through. I had a look at the collection too and it's really good.
I've really been neglecting my blog lately, I'm so hubbledy jubbeldy at the moment but I'm going to try and post every other day from now on.
There's a new film coming out soon called Somewhere, and it's by the same person that made Lost In Translation and it looks really good, I tried to put the trailer on but I don't really know how to work Blogger because it just put's up two of the same video.
My friend lent me some nail varnish and it's soo nice, I'm going to have to buy it myself. It's green matte. I've never really come across matte nail varnish before, and I love it !

Apologies for the VERY bad quality of the photo, my camera is out of battery again so I had to use the camera on my laptop which really isn't very good.
(There's an empty post below this one, which is really annoying, but I can't get rid of it!)

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