Thursday, 16 September 2010


School's been a tad bit hectic lately so that's why it's been like three days since I last posted, it's hard to find time to post during the school week anyway! My friend keeps telling my that three days is normal for the time between a post but i like posting everyday!
I need to get a Miu Miu collar so badly...
They're so nice.. ah I want one I want one..
This is so annoying, I wrote this post already but then I deleted it all by accident and I had to re-write it because I couldn't work out how to get it back.. clever me.
I am doing work experience soon but I don't know where to do it, I want to do something to do with art, obviously fashion would be my first choice though but I'm not sure where I would go to do work experience in fashion..
I just realised that I haven't covered Fashion Week at all! I might be going on saturday with my friend but we haven't bought the tickets so that probably isn't going to happen.. I really want to go to a fashion show though, I'll have to do a bit of research on what's on at the moment (unless I end up going to fashion week, which is so much cheaper than you'd think!)
I want to post what I wore today, but my camera has decided to stop working so I'll post my outfit tomorrow.

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  1. love the collars, i think the bird one is the coolest! Follow me, please!
    Freya ♥