Sunday, 3 October 2010

Prada Spring 2011

Oh my god. This weather is actually ridiculous. I would be happy because it means I can do layering and stuff which I don't do much but I really want to try, but I can't get excited about that without a good winter coat! I would have finished my coat AGES ago, but I got distracted when I had almost finished and now I not really working on it much. But I'm going to add a fur collar to it! I love fur collars.
Prada uses fur so nicely in their spring 2011 collection:

I love the way in which, like Christopher Kane, Prada began the collection with simple, colour block skirt suits that remind me a bit of hospital scrubs, and then added stripes, prints and big hats. I LOVE the shoes in the sixth picture and the pieces of fur throughout (I think they're scarves..?) And the sungalsses are so cool, I've been looking for some sunglasses and they just might be the ones for me, but I need prescription ones which just complicates everything sooo much.
I keep discovering vintage shops, like one in Brixton Market and another in Portabello which I love, but everytime I go there I never have enough money! I need a proper shopping outing soon..
(p.s. I GOT A HAIRCUT! I'll put up a picture tomorrow or something. ) 


  1. prada. mmm, drool, I don't normally like Fur, but they incorporated it well here.
    and I am actually wearing a bodycon to Jeannes, but it's royal purple & velvet, so it makes it better.
    what are you thinking of wearing? :P


  2. that actually sounds like quite a nice bodycon, I haven't gotten round to planning anything yet.. haha :P
    I might go shopping on saturday with my friend though so Hopefully I'll find something then!

  3. go to H&M, they have some insane new dresses in for F/W :) x