Friday, 29 October 2010

Am I Britain's Next Top Model??? No.

Britain's Next Top Model was amazing. I went with a few friends and we got loads of freebies, and the best bit of it all was the catwalk. Originally we were meant to be sitting way at the back, but there were some VIP seats left over and so the security guard let us sit there instead. Some of the clothes worn by the models were quite cool but the clothes weren't really the main part of the show. There were dancers, smoke and music all wrapped around twelve almost in-human figures. I also got to meet the contestants, and see Eliza Doolittle live. So yeah, I think I can safely say that was one damn good day- even though I don't really like Eliza Doolittle that much..
Anyway, here's a few pictures of the new Lulu & Co, who I don't really like that much because to me they seem to be pretty much what you get on the high street. But these are the few that I actually quite like.

Men's clothes aren't usually that interesting to me because well.. I don't wear them. But michael Kampe is just so creative that I couldn't help putting these up. I love the prints of trees in the second photo, especially on the sculptural coat, actually I can't tell if it's a coat or not. 


  1. I love these. They are gorgeous.
    I have seem some of them in an edit for ELLE.
    They are even more amazing here though.

    Freya ♥

    I would really love it if you could take a look at my blog.

  2. Thanks :)
    Sorry! I kept forgetting to follow it, but I am now :)
    Your blog's really good by the way