Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I love you, coat.

It's seven thirty in the morning.. Why am I on already?? Well. I have photography after school and lots of homework, so I know that if I start a post i'll be more likely to finish it than if I don't..
I finished my coat! (finally) And I actually really like it, I was preparing myself for the likely event that I would hate it and then would have wasted a month and a half's sewing.
I have a pair of brothel creepers that my brother got for me a while ago and I really want to wear them, but huge platforms is a pretty tough look to pull off. I've seen other people wear them really well so I'm not sure.. I think I'll give them a go.

Top- Emmaus
Skirt- H&M
Shirt- ?
Trousers- Charity shop in France
Bow- by me
Shoes- Clarks
Shirt- Notting Hill Exchange
Skirt- by me
Shoes- Brixton market
Coat- By me

P.S. The new title is only temporary, my Dad's drawing one so that should be done soon.


  1. gorgeous coat.
    did u use a pattern or make it yourself?
    if it disappears, you know where it is.
    I'd ♥ it if you could look at my blog.
    Freya ♥

  2. Hhaha :)
    I made it myself, but i did use a pattern
    I think i follow you don't I? I 'll take another look :)