Thursday, 14 October 2010

It's Friezing Cold

I Went to the Frieze Art show yesterday, it was really good! My friend holly got me in for free, I've never been before.
(TEN DAYS till Britain's Next Top Model!)

- Miu Miu SS/11
Miu Miu never ceases to amaze me, every season is more imaginative than the last. I love the jackets, silk swan dress, the bright colours and the black dress in the middle. (And pretty much everything else..) I really like pleats at the moment, especially like the pleats in this collection.

- Erdem SS/11
While Miu Miu's Spring collection is pretty dark and actually looks quite warm, Erdem is very summery. I love how the whole collection looks like it's come straight out of a fairy tale, apart from the black lace dress in the middle, which sticks out like a sore thumb. Everything about this collection is just so pretty, even the models looks like fairies.


  1. I actually wasnt too sure about Miu miu, Im still on the fence, but Erdem has my heart.

    It was so lovely meeting you at jeannes! :))

  2. Haha yeah at first I wasn't sure either but I've come round,
    Aw it was lovely meeting you too!! :)

  3. is it really wierd that i actually need every single piece of that erdem collection?

  4. haha no I agree.. they're soo nice :)