Thursday, 21 October 2010

.. Feeling a bit Dazed & Confused now

I've just spent the last half and hour listening to Beirut whilst skimming through the Dazed & Confused website, Dazed Digital. I'm not usually one to comment on the way websites are designed but Dazed really has done a good job here, they've got such a good website! It makes it impossible to just look at one article, because as soon as you've finished that another just seems to pop up at me out of no where and it's really just impossible to resist.
These photos caught my eye, they're by Gosha Rubchinskiy- a russian photographer/ menswear designer. 

However, this is actually a fashion blog and so I guess I should probably post about something fashion related too while I'm here..
It's actually lisbon fashion week at the moment, or rather it's just finished. The thing is, as I was trying to work out who designed a particular outfit in the fashion week, I noticed that a lot of the websites that came up were in Portuguese.. because Lisbon is in portugal. You see I didn't even realize that before. I'm so glad I'm not taking geography GCSE.
Anyway, this are some of the highlights of the week:
(It slightly defeats the point of a fashion blog, but I actually don't know who all of these are by.. Oh well the clothes are what I should enjoy, and not the labels.)

I don't care how much this last one costs, I'm getting it. I love everything about it, the colour, the material, and even the fact that I can't really work out whether it's a long top or a very short dress..

Another thing I found while I was getting lost inside the Dazed website. It's basically something they set up earlier this year, in which they asked the public to illustrate their favorite cover over the last decade. The example shown here is lovely, I sort of wish that I'd know about this earlier as it would have been fun to enter, even though I could never come up with anything as good as that!


  1. of course your on my blog love list! :) haha
    and it's a small island in the carribean called Nevis, ive been coming since I was like 9 :P


  2. Aww, I'm putting one together so you'll be on mine too :)
    oh my gosh lucky ! that sounds so nice :)