Saturday, 23 October 2010

Holiday Time

FINALLY, I'm on holiday! I've got quite a lot of homework though, which kind of ruins it. At least I've got photography, I've got to shoot a role of film this week on The City, which I'm really excited about. 
I'm seeing Britain's Next Top Model live tomorrow!  I'm. So. Excited. I'm not sure what to wear.. I'll probably massively over think it all and end up wearing what I tried on in the first place.. oh well, can't be helped. 
This is what I wore today.

Shirt- Some vintage shop
Collar- Achichi
Skirt- H&M
Bow- Made by me

I really love these, I think they're from Dazed and Confused. The whole editorial was so well done :)


  1. so cute :)


  2. i love your hair
    and shirt.