Saturday, 27 November 2010

How the leopard got his spots

I love these shoes.. Even though they're my second pair of desert boots, but that doesn't really matter because they are very different to my brown ones, mostly in the way that these are fuurrryyy.
I'm going to the protest on Tuesday, and I'm so excited, but that will probably wear off when I get there, because if the police kettle me in I guarantee that I'll cry.
The link below is a really good video on the Guardian website from Wednesday's protests.


  1. Your so lucky, we asked our school if we could go to the protest and they laughed.
    We're so polite, asking if we can protest aha
    those boots are really interesting, I like them :)

  2. These boots are interesting! They can add so much to an outfit if wisely paired, I think. :D

    I'm going to protest too, on Wednesday. Don't worry too much about it - just make sure you wear comfortable shoes you can run wearing and you have your ID card with you. :) I'd love to see a post about it, actually.

  3. hahah my teachers were telling us to go! I asked jeanne if she was going and she just laughed.. haha x

    yeah these shoes can look either really good or Really bad :) haha I went in trackies and a huge jumper, not exactly fashionable but it worked!