Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'm Back Baby

From now on, I'll be posting much more often! There's a photography project due so I've been pretty busy lately.
It really is too cold outside to do anything, so unfortunately my outfits have been pretty boring lately.. it's just too cold to face a skirt or really anything that isn't a WARM jumper and jeans. So evidently, there's not much in the way of outfit posts to go here, but my friend Holly made a tumblr recently and it's really good !
Take a look at it here!

(All reblogged from Holly's tumblr, they're just some that I liked)

It's mostly photos, but they're all so cool and thought through that it really works, it reminds me of the LOLITA blog a bit.


  1. these are all so cute


  2. gorgeous phots. really artisctic. your the exact opposite of me. i just STOPPED posting for xmas and your starting to post more. kepp bloggin' love your blog.

    freya ♥

  3. Well I'm trying.. I think if I stopped for christmas, it would be too hard to start posting afterwards :)