Thursday, 18 November 2010

So.. pretty.. can't.. resist.... I have to get these. They were £80, but now they're on sale at £40. It would be an insult to the shoes not to get them.. I'm hopefully having an allowance started any day now and so it won't be too long until I can wear these! It's just so sad because they're not only white but they're lace which means two things: they're incredibly pretty and they'll almost definitely fall apart immediately and get dirty- and I'll cry. 
BUT I've just noticed, whilst stalking the Urban Outfitters website and wishing I could have everything, if I got them in black they would only be £20, and they would take a few minutes longer to be visibly scruffy..

When I saw these in the shop with Holly, I thought ew no I definitely like the white ones more, but now I'm thinking, maybe they are quite cool in black. The word Sale may be clouding my judgment though... I wish I could get both. 

I've got fur fever pretty bad.. I've even actually got a fur bag now, but it doesn't really count becuase it's sheepskin, so it's not like it matches my coat or anything! Anyway, how amazing is this:

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